Every week, for 2 hours, producers of every skill-level meet up to work together to produce original computer music. At the beginning of every session, participants are required to download the audio content provided by a dropbox link on the Active Collaboration’s Spec Post. Participants are asked to spend the first hour of the collaboration remixing, altering, adding to and/or personalizing the provided stems. The goal is to create as many new, 8 or 16 bar loops as they can before the hour is up. 

Once the hour has completed, each participant is required to export their individual stems (as audio) and upload them to the upload link provided on the Active Collaboration’s Spec Post. 

Once everyone has uploaded their new and remixed stems to the upload link, participants can now download everyone’s new audio content and arrange it into their current session. The final hour is spent adding the new stems into your arrangement to create a unique, finished track.

At the end of the second hour, all participants are encouraged to upload their new song in a comment posted under the Spec-Sheet of the Active Collaboration. This is an excellent opportunity to give and get feedback from other producers!

Collaborators can now participate from anywhere there is a solid internet connection! Each Spec-Post includes remote download/upload links for stems as well as the option to tune into the collaboration via video conferencing. For you Ableton users, there is an Ableton trainer available during most collaborations to answer your questions.

Currently, collaboration sessions take place every Tuesday from 7pm to 9:30pm (Atlantic Standard Time) Convert your time-zone here


Information on Video Conferencing:

Participants can now tune into the collaboration sessions via video conferencing using Zoom. 

Zoom is a free video conferencing software that allows users to share their screens, share high quality computer audio, request remote desktop control and send messages via a chat window. 

Spacefood’s current Zoom level allows for up to 1000 participants tuning at once! (Imagine a collaboration that massive! #dreams)

Learn more about Zoom here